Journey Planner: A Traveler Aims For Best Ways To Transport

21 March, 2014 (01:00) | How To Travel | By: admin

A journey planner is otherwise known as trip planner or travel planner. It is a special kind of search engine which works electronically. It is widely used by many people around the globe when it comes to their travel itineraries.

A journey planner is commonly used when a traveler aims to find the best way between to specific points with the use of a particular kind of transport system. In case you are not aware, journey planners have been widely used by many travelers from different parts of the world and the popularity of such sites has started sometime in the ‘70s.

During this period, travel agencies have made use of these sites. A user may have to enter the access codes of a particular travel agency and this can be easily done through a user interface on a computer or PC terminal. The site is also supported by call center representatives that provide transport information to countless travelers entering and leaving the premises of a particular location.

With the passing of time, the internet has been introduced and this has called for self-service and browser-based online journey planners. These planners have user friendly interfaces that can be used and accessed by the general public, thereby making it as a widely available tool for travelers all over the world.

Basically, a journey planner can also be utilized in conjunction with reservation systems and ticketing. It is also used by many people to keep them informed about the different travel schedules.

How Does a Journey Planner Work?

A journey planner basically works by helping a person find one or even more suggested journeys between a specific point of origin and a point of destination. Any destination or origin can be categorized as geospatial coordinates or named topographical places. For example: New York City. Example of points of interests: Times Square.

Identifier names are also used by some access points such as stations, bus terminals, ferry ports, airports, etc. The finding process for locations would usually resolve the destination and origin to the nearest points of the transport network. This will enable the planner to compute a specific type of journey plan basing from its very own sets of journey data.

For planners that make use of large networks, search algorithms are typically used particularly in the search and graphing of transport nodes or points. Journeys between points are usually called edges and various weightings are involved or associated such as accessibility, cost, distances and others.

Optimization of Searches

Optimization of searches is also possible with the use of different criteria. For example: shortest, fastest, cheapest, least changes, etc. These may be constrained to arrive or leave at a particular period of time in order to avoid certain paths or waypoints.

A journey planner may also have to deal with a single mode of transport such as a railroad transit. Or it can also make use of different transportation systems for combined journeys.

So if you are heading anywhere for a trip, it pays to check a trusted journey planner like Trip Mark and you will never go wrong along your way.

Interested In What Budget Travel Is?

16 January, 2014 (01:00) | How To Travel | By: admin

The fact is, a lot of people love to travel. Unfortunately, a majority of these people cannot realize their dream of going to a lot of different places and enjoying the experiences that these places have to offer because they lack the funds to do so.

Understandably, travelling does require funds. Considering that you  have to pay for transportation, lodging and food; going to travel on a measly budget is a tough call to make.

Nowadays however, the idea of budget traveling is becoming increasingly popular, and has resulted in more and more people going out to explore the world even with a substantially lesser pocket money than what would have requirement years prior.

So what is budget travelling exactly? As the name goes, budget traveling is going on a trip to faraway places while bringing only a small amount of money. This means that you will need to cut costs, so you will need to compromise on travel amenities as well as do your best to take advantage of discounts and other promos as well.

So with budget traveling, it is usually a compromise. Most of the time, you will have to sacrifice comforts and prestige in order to get to the places that you really want to go to.

Budget travelling means getting the cheapest flights available. Once you arrive at your destination, you might have to stay at a backpacker’s place or a hostel which usually offers only the  most basic of amenities instead of spending the night at a posh yet expensive hotel.

You might also need to take the local public transport in order to get around instead of renting a car  or going on a tour package.

You may think that is too much to sacrifice in order to travel, but many budget travelers actually love sacrificing these amenities, as this allows them  to fully enjoy what their travels have to offer, making these  travels more memorable and exciting as well.

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